Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Rumours & Opinions

Opinion - a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

Rumour - a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth.

Humans talk, don't they? You're walking through a school hallway, going to the next classroom and you hear something you wish you didn't. Someone commenting on your hairstyle, or the funny way you walk - or maybe something they have heard. About you, of course. Who else could it be about? Apparently she said that you said that he has weird clothing. Or that you slept with her ex boyfriend and you just can't do that, right?

Rumours. Opinions. Apparently. Apparent lies. These are all little mutations of the human nature that create fire within society. Things that were never meant to be said, but you only told your best friend because it's only one person, right? Well this is how it goes. We as humans thrive off knowledge, gossip, knowing what is going on - even if it means that someone's rep is in jeopardy or someone could go to jail for doing something wrong, we have to know what is going on. 

It's just human nature, to learn little tidbits of information that others don't want us to know. But dealing with rumours is a different story.

Firstly think about who is spreading the rumour. If you know it isn't true, then there is no point bringing it up into conversation if people aren't talking about this. I have seen this many times before, and basically if you want the rumour to go away think of it as a fungus on your toe... you aren't exactly going to discuss that with people, now are you?

When people say bad things about you, it is normally because they are jealous or are below you. As Taylor Swift taught me, people throw rocks at things that shine. Remember this, people will support you, but they don't want you being better at things than them. Rumours start because people either want to bring you down, or haven't realised what they are doing is hurting you. 

Rumours aren't always from the source, as they get around they become more and more fabricated, and when they get back to you - it's almost like they were never to do with you in the first place, but people added bits and bits to the conversation to either wreck your reputation, or because it's a tricky game of chinese whispers, fun.

Don't believe everything you hear, the less you talk about the rumours, then they will die down. You are above the people wanting to bring you down.

Indy x

Sunday, 17 August 2014

100 Things To Be Happy About

You're feeling empty. Had a routine grey day, and you just want to come home sleep. You aren't too sure what there is to look for, you're hoping someone is going to come along and fix this cardboard sadness but you don't know what is missing. Remember that you are the ONLY person that can make yourself feel better, in all honesty no one can fix you but yourself. Being sad is not a good thing, yes it teaches us lessons - but to crave and glorify sadness, is the unhealthiest thing of all.

These little things won't fix your problems. They will just create moments where your dimples will show, and maybe you can giggle a little quietly, only if you want. Life is about those little moments, no one can feel happy all the time.

 1. When you watch a movie for the second time, and you understand parts that you hadn't seen the first time.

2. Looking forward to Friday.

3. When you have freshly shaved your legs and you feel smoothness under the duvet.

4. Putting juice into the freezer and coming back and it's now an iceblock.

5. Falling asleep with rain pattering on the roof.

6. Having a random, deep conversation with someone you didn't know you could have it with.

7. Reading old journals.

8. Seeing your friend's funny childhood photos.

9. Getting tan.

10. Someone sending you a random text telling you they are thinking of you.

11. Smores & bonfires.

12. Your parents suddenly deciding to give you freedom, and letting you get home at 1am from a party.

13. Night drives/adventures.

14. Cuddling.

15. Losing weight.

16. Loving someone who loves you.

17. Disney movies.

18. Flipping over the pillow to get the cold side.

19. Sleeping in your underwear.

20. Drinking milk out of the bottle.

21. Polaroid cameras.

22. Finding something you thought you had lost.

23. Somebody telling you that they are in love with you.

24. NO bra.

25. Kissing someone on New Year's.

26. The smell of a new book.

27. The smell of an old book.

28. Sunshine hitting your face so you have to close your eyes.

29. Star gazing.

30. Getting over someone you thought you couldn't.

31. Catching eyes with someone and thinking/feeling the exact same thing.

32. Having a best friend (Livy)

33. Finally feeling independent.

34. When you have worked hard and school for a test, and that hard work paid off.

35. Laughing so hard until you get stitch and it's hard to catch a breath.

36. Watching a fish tank.

37. When your pet decides to be affectionate.

38. A random act of kindness.

39. Proving someone wrong/winning a bet.

40. Catching up with your latest tv show episode.

41. The satisfied feeling of finishing a book and feeling like you have made a new friend.

42. The relief after peeing.

43. Hot showers.

44. Someone reaching to grab your hand.

45. The gap between your teeth.

46. Tumblr.

47. Scarves in the winter.

48. Seeing autumn leaves fall.

49. Writing with your favourite pen.

50. The smell of fresh air.

51. Baking chocolate chip cookies.

52. Letters.

53. When someone loves your gift.

54. Feeling that feeling of happiness that you helped someone.

55. Saving someone's life.

56. Beautiful clear oceans.

57. Compliments.

58. Putting together the perfect outfit.

59. Hot beverages.

60. Getting home from a trip.

61. The smell of the earth in the morning.

62. Hearing the wind scream.

63. A long chat with an old friend.

64. Flashbacks of things that make you think about your childhood.

65. Watching Harry Potter.

66. Hearing someone laugh.

67. Little kids playing.

68. Feeling good about yourself.

69. Surprise parties.

70. Preparing your favourite food and sitting down and eating it (avocado on sour bread and bacon)

71.  Smashing plates.

72. Making your mum proud.

73. Watching your dad cry with happiness.

74. Little kids when they learn to talk.

75. Being in an airport.

76. Forehead kisses.

77. Lying in a hammock.

78. The coolness of swimming in the sea/pool.

79. Having someone to lean on.

80. Friends trusting you enough to confide in you.

81. Someone keeping your secret.

82. The woods.

83. Hearing something on the news that wasn't bad.

84. Instagram.

85. Taking a selfie you are proud of.

86. Fresh strawberries.

87. Meditating.

88. Travelling.

89. Long phone calls.

90. You.

91. Accents.

92. A friend surprising you when you're sick or sad.

93. A new phone.

94. Drinking from the hose.

95. Baby sloths.

96. Acting like a kid.

97. Proving yourself wrong.

98. Good workouts/exercise.

99. Lying in bed, feeling wonderfully tired after a long day of being active.

100. Waking up on your own accord.

Indy x