Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Not Everyone is Beautiful

Beautiful. Pleasing the mind or senses aesthetically. Attractive. Pretty. Good-looking. Pleasing. These synonyms all portray the same thing. They all have the same meaning. Beautiful is classed as someone that is physically flawless. But is it? Is it really skin deep, or is it so much more?

This word, beautiful, is thrown around in the chaotic nest of words that every language swallows up. Everyone is classed as beautiful, no matter what you look like, no matter your character traits. We, as humans all share something in common. We are all beautiful. That is what is drummed into our heads on a daily basis, as a form of positivity. But in reality - people must not be thinking straight.

Being beautiful has become a task. If you're not skinny enough, have the right clothing or hairstyle, keeping up to date with the latest trends. This isn't the truth. Socially inept; inbred - is the reality. Yet, you don't even know the person you are judging on looks. We say that every human is beautiful, no matter who they are. But we are all lying to ourselves. Society decides on what your looks class you in. If you aren't physically appealing, or you are ugly - then you are shunned. Shunned from a partner that is 'out of your league,' maybe even from a job that you have worked so hard for - because lets just put it nicely, your looks didn't fit the quota.

Physical appearance has become so important that we have lost what really counts, our souls. The inside of our minds are crammed full with wordly logic, experiences, and wonders of how we see the world. Our bodies or outside forms are merely a shell to our inner beauty.

The word beautiful, is a nasty one. Every person in this life desires to be accepted. Maybe even to just fit in, to be liked and not lonely. But do we as humans, not have the capacity - or the ability to come up with a word that not everybody is so easily categorised in, as being beautiful?

I understand that calling people beautiful is trying to send off a positive message, a message of equality to basically all of the human race, but do we dig a little deeper? Do we take the time to get to know someone a little bit more instead of just categorising their whole existence into one word - beautiful? I want to be able to look at a person and think, they are kind, balanced, smart, important, vivacious, intellectual. Everybody has worth, talent, potential. They deserve to shine. Not everybody needs to fit the quota, that everybody is beautiful. Because every single person has their own little universe inside their head, that contributes to making the world a unique and entrancing place.

Not everybody is beautiful. Everybody is valuable, worthy, important.

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