Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Falling Fashion

It is finally autumn in New Zealand! The time where I can wear skirts and scarves, jerseys and the cutest cardigans that were too hot to bear in the summer. Although I will miss the sunny days, I love the scream of the wind and the pass of the leaves as they fall through the air.

Here is some fashion choices that I have carefully picked out; not just full outfits but also accessories galore.

This is a cute little dress with a comfy white trench coat pulled over. The shoes pull it off.

Even though this isn't the kind of stuff that I normally would wear, I think that Taylor always seems to pull off a chic, girl next door kind of look.

These rings are always the way to go - I feel like a ring shapes your outfit.

There is nothing like a beautiful bag. This white bag could easily go with any outfit.

Looks like some type of bondage lingerie, but this is actually really in season at the moment. They are comfy and make you feel a sense of pride because as a girl - we should feel prettier.

I love the look of pail nail polish and midi rings.

All black is very cute - with the rolled up sleeves and slip on of ankle boots.

These flowery docs would look good with a cute skirt.

The perfect wardrobe - I like the look of it's minimalistic~ness.

Even though this is more of a summer wear, each of these plain colours wouldn't look good together, but they would look classy with different pairs of clothing. Preferably darkish.

The oversized jumper and scarf really bring out the fall look.

I love her high waisted jeans - and Candice is just standing there rockin' it.

This type of nail colour is a cute one.

Everyone should have a wallet like this. You can get good ones from Kate Spade.

I love the naiveness that the blonde hair gives her face.

This would be too cold to wear out - but more of a cute lazy day or you could wear this with some sort of big cardigan.

I think that long nails always look better - trust me, I have short ones.

You would have to be quite brave to wear this, but it's awfully adorable.

This seems a bit cold - but because autumn is going to be completely filled with jeans, she is going for gold.

perfect outfit.

This kind of accessory looks amazing. Watches rule.

Everybody needs a mac lipstick.

Winged eyeliner for the win.

I LOVE Elle Fanning's fashion. She is my age and really making a statement with it all.

I hope you all can see the fashion that I am looking towards! How I find loads of my clothing is mixing and matching. A scarf from any outlet store. Any type of jumper that I like from op-shops, go look in your friend's throw out pile if they are having a spring clean - or even your mum//dad's wardrobe. You can find some really cool stuff if you look closely. I tend to never have enough money, so mixing and matching is always the way to go.

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

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