Thursday, 13 February 2014

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With people, you don't actually think there is too much to them. You only see whats on the surface and sure you know, like you - that they have a mind; thoughts and feelings that you will never know about. But the person you thought was the most narcissistic and awful person you had ever met, actually probably portrays a completely different persona to what they are truly like, deep inside. What we don't get is that we are all the same. Totally different traits, appearances and all that but no matter what type of person you are, don't tell me that emotions we all feel get you feeling any different. The feeling of loneliness, or rejection - where you feel so incredibly on your own. You don't want to bore, annoy other people with your problems. Or when you're lying there in the unearthly silence of the night time and you're reflecting back on the day and wondering what you could have done better, or changed your actions around to benefit yourself or other people.

I feel like the root of every problem is understanding. WE judge because we don't understand. WE judge because the way we see an idea or feeling, we want others to see, feel, follow through with, no matter what the cost. No matter the person, at some point in this life, I sincerely believe that every person existing or has had existed at one stage, has had some good in them.

It's natural to recognise that we have a bad side, everybody does. Embracing that you are not a perfect person, and like everybody else you have flaws. You might feel like you're on your own with this, that other people can't possibly feel the way you feel. But they do, they can & they will. People will pretend they don't feel alone, self conscious, undermined in their talents, not accepted - they will do their hardest to hide it because all they want to do is fit in, but at the end of the day if we could just understand that we aren't alone with human feelings, we would be at more peace with our flaws.

Your body is the house you grew up in, the garden that you chose to let flourish wildly or chop down, however you pleased to let it thrive, but why try tear to the ground?

It's whether we act upon these negative traits to let us become the people we know that we are not, is where the root of all evil lies.

Also, one of my true inspirations for a while has been Sophia's blog. It's simple, classy and makes you want more.

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