Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wild Wednesday Night

Things have been different for me lately. My fifteenth birthday, which was on the 12th of November approached me and suddenly I was being thrust all these responsibilities and problems upon me, but the best part of all - selected freedom.

It's weird that half my family are across the world. I know we will all be together soon but it just shows how things can change in the blink of an eye. In the past year or so, a lot has changed for me but I have adapted well, you could say. Getting back to the subject of selected freedom, in my view it is when parents thrust random trust on you, and decide you are allowed to do something, go somewhere, be with someone, change your curfew. For me it's never permanent, my parents view on things change all the time but I'm very grateful to have parents that are fair, just and I can barter decisions and choices with.

I went to the Stan Walker/Jessica Mauboy concert, on a school night, which for me was pretty whack. My friend Ellie and I sat in a coffee shop for the best of two hours because Stan was finished. Freedom seeps through my being and sometimes I need to just get out and do things the way I can, breathe and someday know that I can live my own life. You have to remember that even if you have overprotective parents, it is because they love you and their view on you doing things they don't like and why they stop you, is just to protect you because they wouldn't want anything to happen to you.

I feel like Carrie Bradshaw, from the Carrie Diaries. She has this selected freedom, when her dad sees fit, and sometimes things change for her. I guess you can't spring a plan of say what you want to do in the weekend on them because then they will spit out a sharp NO.

You'll be free someday to make all your own choices, trust your parents, even though they aren't always right, they know what they are doing and they love you. Embrace what you have.

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