Friday, 6 December 2013

Picture Perfect

I've been trying to look at the little things in my life lately. I'm writing this post as the sun shines and the pool outside is so perfect and rippling blue. The purple hues of the flower on my bench and my brothers constructed little black lego truck stand out. The sky is a flutter blue and all the flowers outside scream of all the different colours I see. Translucent glass on the balcony, mahogany on the deck.

Words in newspapers: stargazing, thursday entertainment, life. And this little quote from Robbie Williams: "There's space for me in the world to do whatever I want to, whenever I want to, and I don't get any grief." 

I don't really know the point of this post I guess I just have been trying to look harder at the things I see everyday. As usual, here are some images that I think are pretty and beautiful on the eye, but also they are just little joys in life.

i don't really know, it just get's your mind thinking about that special person.

random statue in motion.



i like this tattoo, i wouldn't get it but i think it's quite lovely.

going on a road trip, for days on end with your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, mum, or anyone that you would want to spend some quality time alone with. 

this picture says it all.

i like this cute little plant GIF.

This is my phone wallpaper, I love the creeping ivy.

NEED this necklace.

Countries all done onto her wrist, again I like the aspect of a small tattoo.

I feel like her name would be Savannah.

Perfect polaroid - I don't know who someone takes something like this.

I really wish I had long nails and these rings.

This is a great little tattoo.

Crescent moon idea I love!

My hair when I was lying down in this drama room at school, my hair looks like splayed out straw. My natural colour!

Me at the museum, pointing to my country, India.

punny and sweet.


this is a powerful eye tattoo and i love it

a not-meant-to-be-there photo that my best friend took, i love it.

One of the places where I crave to be, but how can I recreate such a memory like this?

little sausage dog - oh yeah.

Sorry for the randomness - I just didn't know what y'all wanted! I just think these pictures are glorious on their own.

For now, little birds xxxx

                                                             Indy x

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