Thursday, 19 December 2013

People Watching

I'm sitting in Britomart enjoying the view. This is by far my favourite place in my city. The sun is beaming down on me and I'm sitting on a little pavement stool just looking at all the people enjoying themselves including the ones that are alone.

A boy sits across from the grass, with his headphones in and a top that bears the words 'Daft Punk.' A girl with a small toddler asleep in her lap - odd because at that age toddlers make so much unbearable noise. Across the pavement road there is a tree with a park for red Vespas. I see it everyday. It's the same but enchanting ... and minimalistic.

I love seeing the smiles of others as they happily chat in the sun, sometimes I feel restricted to be alone when I'm in the city. People look at you like you're a loner, or that is what they think you will do. I don't know any of these people although it's just interesting looking at everyone. People watching. Ferry time now.

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