Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Birthdays are a funny thing. You grow one year older, and it's official in the space of one day. Age says so. You've grown up and there's nothing you can do about it. I faintly remember lyrics from a song saying, 'Time is such a hungry beast, it swallows all my memories, it makes all smells and colours fade and it takes the ones I love away." These words stuck with me because it's true.

A lot of things pass me by. School, friends, family, opportunities. Some of the time I'm the one sitting at the sidelines thinking that it will come back. And then it doesn't. That's why it is best to grab your opportunities while you can.

I was surrounded by a lot of love on my birthday. Some of my closest friends came round to my house and brought with them all sorts of cakes and presents. It makes me really value people that I spend a lot of time with generally, at school with, at home, or just any time at all. To be honest, I had a plan about what to say but I'm now just writing from my mind. I don't know if that's what you guys want, I never know what to post about. On the funnier note, the best birthday present I have ever gotten which was yesterday was a present from my family: a revolving, lit up fish tank filled with fish. I named the fish DiCaprio, Sebastian, Abraham and Madame NuNu (after my most fabulous teacher)

Indy x

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  1. Great reflective post Indy!
    Also happy (late) birthday!

    Zainab x