Tuesday, 5 November 2013

It Seems Like The Biggest Thing In The World

Do you get that feeling when you have to face something HUGE? And then once it's over, it's gone and you feel like you have breezed through it. For example my exams today. I had a massive fright because for english we were allowed to bring in this one annotation sheet for Romeo and Juliet. And me being a big writer, well let's just say I wrote more than allowed. It was just a big essay plan. And it got taken off me. I was sitting there in an exam, trying to get through the 20 something pages we had to finish, not knowing how to finish. But I took a deep breath and racked my brains for anything I could.
Basically this was just a quick Indy ramble to say that even though something feels like it's the hardest obstacle to face - the biggest decision of your life, as I always say: sit back and refer to the bigger picture. You'll be fine, once you have gotten past the "Biggest Thing In The World" I'm sure you'll be fine.

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