Sunday, 17 November 2013


Inhale all my thoughts and worries. Exhale all my worries out.

For me, well I have a particular view on life. Everything that happens to me, I like to look closer at it. Not in the aspect that everything is good or bad, because that would become melancholy and you would lead yourself onto a tangent. 

What I mean is: looking at something closer that you see everyday, maybe a person or an object or a place. There's way more to it than what you're used to. I was looking in my lunchbox, sighing because of all the healthy fruit and rolls and nuts and stuff like that. Feeling in a slightly weirder mood than normal, I broke the skin of my kiwi fruit and looked at the texture of it.  My point is, that if you look closer at something you discover more than you could ever possibly imagine. Look at your best friend, sister or brother. How are they feeling today? What does their body language show?

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