Sunday, 17 November 2013


Inhale all my thoughts and worries. Exhale all my worries out.

For me, well I have a particular view on life. Everything that happens to me, I like to look closer at it. Not in the aspect that everything is good or bad, because that would become melancholy and you would lead yourself onto a tangent. 

What I mean is: looking at something closer that you see everyday, maybe a person or an object or a place. There's way more to it than what you're used to. I was looking in my lunchbox, sighing because of all the healthy fruit and rolls and nuts and stuff like that. Feeling in a slightly weirder mood than normal, I broke the skin of my kiwi fruit and looked at the texture of it.  My point is, that if you look closer at something you discover more than you could ever possibly imagine. Look at your best friend, sister or brother. How are they feeling today? What does their body language show?

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Birthdays are a funny thing. You grow one year older, and it's official in the space of one day. Age says so. You've grown up and there's nothing you can do about it. I faintly remember lyrics from a song saying, 'Time is such a hungry beast, it swallows all my memories, it makes all smells and colours fade and it takes the ones I love away." These words stuck with me because it's true.

A lot of things pass me by. School, friends, family, opportunities. Some of the time I'm the one sitting at the sidelines thinking that it will come back. And then it doesn't. That's why it is best to grab your opportunities while you can.

I was surrounded by a lot of love on my birthday. Some of my closest friends came round to my house and brought with them all sorts of cakes and presents. It makes me really value people that I spend a lot of time with generally, at school with, at home, or just any time at all. To be honest, I had a plan about what to say but I'm now just writing from my mind. I don't know if that's what you guys want, I never know what to post about. On the funnier note, the best birthday present I have ever gotten which was yesterday was a present from my family: a revolving, lit up fish tank filled with fish. I named the fish DiCaprio, Sebastian, Abraham and Madame NuNu (after my most fabulous teacher)

Indy x

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

It Seems Like The Biggest Thing In The World

Do you get that feeling when you have to face something HUGE? And then once it's over, it's gone and you feel like you have breezed through it. For example my exams today. I had a massive fright because for english we were allowed to bring in this one annotation sheet for Romeo and Juliet. And me being a big writer, well let's just say I wrote more than allowed. It was just a big essay plan. And it got taken off me. I was sitting there in an exam, trying to get through the 20 something pages we had to finish, not knowing how to finish. But I took a deep breath and racked my brains for anything I could.
Basically this was just a quick Indy ramble to say that even though something feels like it's the hardest obstacle to face - the biggest decision of your life, as I always say: sit back and refer to the bigger picture. You'll be fine, once you have gotten past the "Biggest Thing In The World" I'm sure you'll be fine.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

That Fashion Thing

I've been asked, well quite a few times on what my fashion is like. 'India, can you make a polyvore' or 'Whats the kind of clothing you wear.' I have to admit, that is a damn hard one. Most of the clothing I buy/wear is from both my older sister's wardrobes. Also I mix and match little things from op/shops and maybe even a little cute tank top from a crappy urban store that teens feed off. Here are some of the features off tumblr and the web that normally I would wear. Also I tried to tackle that polyvore thing and failed. If only I could get the clothes from my wardrobe and put them on that polyvore, it would look great.

Bear with me, as this particular post features ALOT of my clothing.

Me in the city, casually leaning against a brick window ^.^

This is something I wouldn't wear again (I'm the one on the left, and I know it looks bad but I was more into docs and shorts at that time)

This is a perfect summery outfit.

Still wear this kind of stuff

Because I bite my nails, and am trying to stop, I always have manicured nails that I do myself. This gives any outfit the Lana look. Mind you having nails that long, and it's hard to do basically anything like putting on a buttoned top.

I feel like its really important to have heaps of rings to make up your outfit. Examples of other rings if you keep scrolling

I kind of feel like this is more of a rainbow/weird little outfit that I pulled together but the top, on the next picture is why.

I particularly LOVE this outfit.

My gorgeous friends - Helena and Jamie, especially Hels with her lovely bag and boots! 

Some friends and I at a playful photo shoot, this was when we were on our break. I'm on the right and this is kind of the stuff that I normally wear! Loving the stolen girlfriends top!

Because I have quite a few ear piercings, well not that many anymore (Three on one ear, two in the other) I honestly used to have so many piercings but after a while they got tacky) I feel like this makes up your outfit, and the cute little two double cartilage rocks it!

The day after I freshly got my hair dyed! Thought I'd glam myself up, I don't always wear dresses! Not that much recently because it had been winter!

Depends what look I am going for but sometimes I adorn a lipstick, sometimes shiny and sometimes mattee neutral! At the moment, my utter favourite is Ruby Woo. It's one of the brightest out there but it doesn't have that awful shine and it never comes off! You can even go swimming with it on. 

Tip: If you are looking for the gloss, then just chuck a natural lip balm over the lipstick. Works every time!

Her eyebrows are perfect. This is how I got my makeup done for my formal. If only I could do it on myself.

Windswept hair, fluro bag, strappy Stolen Girlfriend sandals, and alley posters.


I've been wearing this 'cat paw' necklace from HERE (Meadow Lark) for almost a year. My sister got it for me, yes it's very expensive but I love it out of everything I own.

Me at the formal.

Casual outfits with my best friend Keziah.

Now this is not something I would usually wear, but I think it's a very cute type of summery dress that you can slip on after being at the beach for the whole day.

It's important to have 'titbit' bracelets and rings on to create the best retro look.

I think this hand tattoo is beautiful, I woudl be too afraid to get it, but maybe somewhere else. If you look closely you can see RIP on the other person's thumb.

THIS IS WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT. I am in LOVE with these photo, all the rings, the nail polish. Utter perfection.

Easy dress with jumper tied around waist, knee highs and Jeffrey Campbell shoes, kind of high heel loafers.

How do you get legs like this. Anyway, I just like the type of high waisted shorts and a nice little tank/singlet from basically any store.

Kind of like a messy chignon, works with almost everything. 

Tip: DO NOT pull too much hair out from the front, if you are looking for the windswept, messy hair ("just got out of bed but I still look fabulous and didn't try to hard look!!!") then literally don't yank too much out.

For example:

NO. Not saying she isn't beautiful, but it just looks so weird and over done and not the look to go for. I can't stress this enough but girls, just don't yank it right from the middle parting for god's sake. 

More like this:

If you do it right, buns can look amazing. To me buns are more wintery/fall, you can rock them with scarfs and a big wooly jumper. But to each his own.

Perfection. Rings - nail polish - hands.

For this outfit, I love the pockets. I would get so frustrated and try to tuck them in, but I think this looks downright cool.

This is off Katherine's blog and I think the loose, summery, white dress with a five panel backwards works well. Best with long hair.

This is completely off topic, but tumblr found me these beautiful sore eyes. Eyebrows are great and it looks like this person has been beaten up pretty bad, but the painting of their bruised eyes is very very beautiful. Ouch.

Thank you so much. Indy x