Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Recently I got a couple of emails of people asking for requests ( and I thought why not do one. A girl called A, lets just say because she might want her name to be anonymous, who I don't personally know, emailed me asking if I could give her some advice. Advice on what you might think. Well, advice on school. Her words were 'how do you personally juggle school, friends and emotions? I guess it's a question for you and advice that would help me.'
In response to your question (which is a really good one by the way) I always have mixed feelings about this.
My life is always busy. Never empty, never finished. I'm always with someone, doing something, visiting a place, studying, horse riding. Everything. My mind is a blur, and it spins with all these thoughts of how I perceive the world. I'm always trying to understand the bigger picture of something that's happening too close up in my eyes so I step back.  How do I juggle all these things? I'm a human. That's what you are supposed to do isn't it? However boring your life may be or you feel like there isn't enough happening, get a reality check. Because you could make something big happen for yourself. You can do what you want. It's your life. Getting back to the question though, how do I juggle it all? I have to admit, my life is probably busier than most peoples. But then I don't live other peoples lives. With school at the moment, I've got big exams and a personal project I've been doing all year that I have to hand it tomorrow. But I'm well on track with everything. I guess one good thing is that you just have to keep a good balance. It's hard to do all these things at once but I have a couple of sayings 'just go with it' and 'don't sweat the small stuff'. These do sound pretty cliche and also a little tacky but honestly worrying what your friend has said about you, or a mark from when you were 11, doesn't matter. Yes, try hard for your exams and study. Maintain good relationships with people and try not to say negative things. But human interaction, it's a funny thing. And I'm pretty sure, you will do just fine.

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