Sunday, 13 October 2013

One Direction Stalking

It's ridiculous how so much has randomly happened today. The day, time, hours and people are so conjoined and indecisive. Sundays are hectic for me - I've been drowning my hopes of that I will find One Direction when all I meant to do was see Livy for a sushi/beautiful food date. Beautiful as in the Food Truck. Glorious to my taste buds.

I just want to write and write. I can't pinpoint these particular feelings and it is driving me insane. I'm so confused with the reactions of different people.

A good quote from Tyler Oakley's blog. 

Me and my friend Coco at the Langham Hotel.

Photos to feast your eyes on:

Got to wake up at 6am for school in the morning. Ugh. Do love seeing the people though - it's like a big, dysfunctional, loving family.

Japanese gardens.

Like what this girl is wearing? 

Love all these rings.

Don't know what language this is.

Who doesn't love the ocean?

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