Sunday, 27 October 2013

Motivation comes in many forms. At the end of the day, what matters is getting motivated and doing what you have been set up to do. For example, exams. When it comes to me, I am freakish and love writing down all the notes I need for my exam. Sometimes though, when I am out with friends or just doing something that takes my time up other than school work, it completely skips my mind. I never know if I am doing the right amount of this, or putting the right amount of study/effort into that. I know that if I worked harder, I could really do very well in school, but I have never learned a steady pace of emotion. But: with one exception. When my exam time comes, my study kicks in. Yes, there is the occasional getting distracted, with Facebook and my phone but I seem to do okay. It's a major table turner for me to get motivated because properly next year I have exams. Ncea ones. I suggest for all the people out there that are struggling with studying, or getting motivation, read.

1. Give anything that distracts you, in to your parents. I know that it's hard not to go onto websites that distract you, but my parent's trust me, and failing an exam because of facebook, is NOT worth it.

2. Try. You think that procrastinating is the ordeal, and you are right. Don't procrastinate, start early. Even it is just sections of doing study, like 20 minutes, that is a good start.

3. Don't spend all your precious time learning how to study. Look at the material, what works for you? Whether it's rewriting out trig equations or battling the works of Romeo and Juliet, with more study time you fit in, you will find a way that makes you remember the material best.

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