Saturday, 5 October 2013

Missed Calls and Communications

I'm not going to start this post with 'lately I've been feeling' because that's just stupid.
Big things that have been happening for me this week/month of relevance are:

- my big sister moving to Germany for six months on a uni scholarship
- moving house after the renovations have been finished after 1 year and a half
- my sister Ella getting #1 in the American charts
- endless sleepovers
- getting my cartilage done
- losing and gaining friends
- becoming closer with new people and keeping good strong relationships with the old 

You're probably thinking, India - why is the title 'missed calls and communications' that has nothing to do with your blog. I'll tell you why. Lately, okay I know I wouldn't say that but it's the present, past and future right? I haven't been keeping in good contact with my family - telling them of my plans for parties, sleepovers, dinners. One of the most important things to do is to keep in contact and tell your family or parents or whoever looks after you what you are doing. Honestly, and I have found out this the hard way, lying to your parents or not being bothered to keep in contact with them is stupid.

Tips to take home from this post:
- it's easier not to lie to your parents. I'm not saying you have to open up your soul to them and tell them EVERYTHING you're doing but its best to just let them know where you are most of the time. They love you and they do everything for you to make sure you're safe and not in harm in any way.

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