Friday, 20 September 2013

This is about the first time in 3 or so months I haven't done anything on a friday night. This is not a post to sound like I'm very social or anything, I just really value the beauty of time alone. Sitting here with a hot chocolate, and scrolling through the web and tumblr on my really very bad wifi is quite good me time. In my life, a lot happens. Everything is go-go all the time and its nice once in a while to kick back and relax.

Here are some things that I do when I am having this rare me time.

Painting my nails.

Making myself a really romantic meal and eating it.



Looking through quotes on tumblr.

Researching something I have always been curious about.

My random art

Reading a good book or watching a movie.

Making a playlist.

Taking the time to catch up with people via whatever, replying to texts, facebook, someone coming round.

Planning my outfit for the next day - not some type of weird OCD thing but I just like to do it.

Writing in a journal.

Writing my book.

Whatever I want.

Here's a couple of beautiful photos.

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