Monday, 9 September 2013


As I wait for the ferry to come
There's an old man in a trench coat
reading a comic
he looks like a priest
and balding

there is a man playing with two iphones
a girl shielding herself in the wind with an umbrella
so many sunglasses
i'm sitting next to a little girl with blonde ringlets
tapping her little sibling on the head with a balloon
her name is Emily

look at my one my ones purple
her little seashell nails are pearly white
don't give it to Abigail
she says

there are probably so many thoughts
going through all these people's minds
whether its
what time they have to start dinner
what they are going to do with that boy
when does soccer start
is grandma going to get better
why am i so ugly

there is this expression on so many people
i have noticed
they seem to be so deep in thought
or their minds are quiet
or they are sleepy
but their faces are expressionless,
or their brows are furrowed

you don't see the potential in people
the way you notice a piece of clothing
you don't see the struggles they are going through
you don't see so much
people judge because they don't understand

its not someone's fault if they have a crooked nose
or too many freckles

there is a boy on the ferry
and he looks tired
his hands are resting on his lap
and his chest falls up
and down
the silver gleam of the tick of his Nike