Monday, 9 September 2013

I Guess I'm Floating

At the moment, I'm really struggling with fitting in. Maybe it's just me, or my weird tendency to say anything that comes to mind. Music isn't exactly a cure, but it just really helps me when I am particularly struggling, overcome with emotions, or stress.

For me having good music, is such an importance. When I show other people my music, I feel like I'm sharing a part of my soul and I hate when they say that they don't like it or something. I have a lot of music, but these are just a couple of my FREAK songs at the moment.

Ltwxrmx (J Dilla's LIghtworks R4MIX) Flying Lotus
Big Spender - Theopilus London & ASAP Rocky
Drake - Practice
Playing House ft. How to dress well - Active Child
I Guess I'm Floating - M83
These Waters - Ben Howard
Her Heart Moves - Two Inch Punch
Another Reflection - Nujabes
Highs & Lows - Logic
Bad Religion - Frank Ocean
Stay - Henry Krinkle
Hazelton - Justin Vernon
Home - Michael Buble
Dakbird - DTCPU
Mr Brightside ( Jacques Lu Cont THIN white duke remix) - Killers
Colours Sketchy Version - Grouplove
Time To Pretend - MGMT
Save Me - Nicki Minaj
Michicant - Bon Iver
Tonight - Lykke LI
National Anthem - Lana Del Rey
The Menace - JOnwayne
Good Morning - Kanye West
Beach Frogs - Kinisi
You Lovely You - Young Wolf Hatchlings
Pop Culture - Madeon (live mashup by a flippin' 15 year old!)
Tinashe - Ryan Hemsworth remix

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