Monday, 2 September 2013


My life is a blur at the moment. I feel like as I'm waking up each day, the day is going to go slow but before I know it, its the end of the day, and my eyelids droop. All I can say is to do in life what makes you happy. However cheesy that sounds, but there is no point surrounding yourself with negative people or doing things because you have to do them.

1. One of the things to make you happy and that can uplift your mood when you are having a crappy day is to exercise. Whether it is taking a walk/run on the beach or soccer practice, exercise increases your endorphins and makes you feel good.

2.  I've made a post about this before but one of the best things is to feel gratitude. For example, the school I go to is a private one, and I constantly feel gratitude towards my parents because they put so much time, effort and money into me.


3. Do something you love. The two things I love the most are to cook and horse ride. When you do something you like, it boosts your mood! 

4. Spend time outside. If you are inside all day, on your laptop, your mood actually drops because the lack of interactiveness. Go outside and enjoy the sunshine or even rain! Statistics show that 92% of people that go for a walk outside after they have had a bad day, increases their mood!

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