Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Lately I've been feeling, that's how I always start off. But so far away. People, places, memories, feelings, crushes, food, so much. It feels like it swirls around in my life so fast and everything amazing happens and then it's gone and it can't come back. I guess you really gotta live in the moment. But that's what I do.. I guess I just have to go to sleep. I wish that I understood everything at this time, there are so many questions swirling in my head that I don't know how to answer.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Focusing is one of the hardest things to do for me. This is a very different post for me but I just wanted to say. For example, when I'm in Math or a subject I don't necessarily enjoy or have the best strengths at, I find myself copying down what is required, sure but not really understanding. Usually I write focus on my wrist, just in ball point pen, in the hope that it will remind me of my goal every day ( hopefully I don't get wrist cancer or poisoning)
Even though my parents would probably kill me I would really like to get a focus tattoo on my wrist. Like this:

This is just cute and this is the type of font I would like.

Maybe something more simple, like in a cursive or type writer font, but it would be a great daily reminder. I'm not sure if it would be too harsh.

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Lately its been very weird for me. My mum and both my sister's have been away, doing their own thing. It's almost surreal how they are in different parts of the world from me. I think that one day I am going to just jet away to a place that I can experience everything I want to see. Paris, London, Massachusetts, New York, Milan.

My mum and sister at the London Eye. 

Outside some place in Paris, I think.


People struggle to find things to fulfill their days when taking a break from work, school or just something that regularly overtakes your life. For me, it's spending time with friends mainly, catching up on things I had to stop because of school and just enjoying myself. My brain overworks itself at school, and I understand next to nothing. Sleep deprivation and over~usage of the internet is not a good way of living, and holidays regenerate.

Here are some small ideas to help you fill your holidays with things to do.

Spend valuable time with new and old friends. Getting back to people is one of my very weaknesses as my phone is always getting taken off me for basically being a teenager.

Read a book. If it's a rainy day and you're about to catch up on your favourite series, why don't you educate yourself further and also get lost in the old words on a page.

Some good reads are:

Perks of Being a Wallflower
To Kill a Mockingbird
Will Grayson, Will Grayson
Jane Eyre
Life of Pi
Looking for Alaska
The Kite Runner
Mao's Last Dancer
The Book Thief
The Time Traveller's Wife

My three favourite books from that setlist are:

Mao's Last Dancer
The Kite Runner
The Life of Pi.

Go on a road trip. Plan it with friends and just do it. You probably won't have this time to do this for a while so go for it!


Friday, 20 September 2013

Sometimes I go through these stages of not wanting to talk to anyone and I feel so pessimistic. I guess its deprivation of sleep or being stuck in a house all the time surrounding yourself with the same people. Frankly, I don't know what it is but I am going insane. I always need to shake things up and do something different.  I can't surround myself with selfish people that wallow in self pity - that's honestly the worst thing. Its quite weird when my mood changes from just wanting to sleep forever to wanting to go out and having the time of my life. There are all these crazy, unknown feelings that aren't listed in the English dictionary.

Saviour song: Logic - Let Me Go ft. Lykke Li 
This is about the first time in 3 or so months I haven't done anything on a friday night. This is not a post to sound like I'm very social or anything, I just really value the beauty of time alone. Sitting here with a hot chocolate, and scrolling through the web and tumblr on my really very bad wifi is quite good me time. In my life, a lot happens. Everything is go-go all the time and its nice once in a while to kick back and relax.

Here are some things that I do when I am having this rare me time.

Painting my nails.

Making myself a really romantic meal and eating it.



Looking through quotes on tumblr.

Researching something I have always been curious about.

My random art

Reading a good book or watching a movie.

Making a playlist.

Taking the time to catch up with people via whatever, replying to texts, facebook, someone coming round.

Planning my outfit for the next day - not some type of weird OCD thing but I just like to do it.

Writing in a journal.

Writing my book.

Whatever I want.

Here's a couple of beautiful photos.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

I came across this when I was in the city with Helena. Just a simple quote on a simple shop window, but it’s such a nice little thing I can't believe I took it. It makes me think of Paris, and also all the cities and places I want to go when I am older. Of all the things that life has to offer.

Every weekend that I am at the Food Truck, I order something very similar. Cheek dog - filled with chicken, leek, a mayonnaise type of sauce, other greens, watercress, a nutty bread and a chicken, onion a leek sausage. Honestly the best thing I have ever tasted. The Food Truck - bless Helena for introducing me to it. I suggest you go check it out.

                                           Livy ordering the same meal as me.


Sometimes I really feel like I need a change. Moving house, changing schools, moving on from old boyfriends, or anything like that is big that is going on right now in your life is not something to be afraid of. Embrace it because without change, nothing good could come out of mistakes, lessons and most importantly moving on and growing up.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Top Ten 80’s Movies

I have to admit, if you are feeling pretty nostalgic, or looking for some good movies, I suggest you try 80’s movies. Seriously, they were before all that crap that we get nowadays; the mindless animations, trashy American teenagers, crude humour, and soppy love stories.

I have made a post about this before but here is a small ‘80’s movies bucket list’ that you should go check out.

  • The Breakfast Club
  •  Sixteen Candles
  •   Dirty Dancing
  •    Mannequin (NOT MANNEQUIN 2!!!!!)
  •    Walk To Remember – best movie if you feel like a good cry
  •   Ferris Bueller’s Day Out
  •   Perks of Being a Wallflower – even though this movie came out this year, this is set in the 80’s so that’s good enough for me.
  •   St Elmo’s Fire
  •  When Harry Met Sally
  • Pretty Woman
  • What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
  •   Donnie Darko
  •   10 Things I Hate About You

Okay, so what if that is not 10. I’m still insisting you should watch it. Other good movies although you HAVE to watch my top ten first!

Blue City
About Last Night
The Outsiders
Fresh Horses
Hail Caesar
Oxford Blues
War Games
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Red Dawn
Bad Boys
No Small Affair
Young Guns

Heaven Help Us
One Crazy Summer
Grandview, Usa
Rumble Fish
Some Kind of Wonderful
The Pick Up Artist
The Stand
Romeo and Juliet (1996)
We’re No Angels
Johnny Be Good
Less Than Zero

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


I didn't know that this would ever have a place for my blog but honestly I just think that Miley isn't going through a stage, or she's a sl** or anything like that. Honestly, it's all entertainment. I don't think that Miley is necessarily the best role model of such but I think Miley is just doing what is getting her out there and getting more views.
For example, with her new song - Wrecking Ball. Catchy tune, effective lyrics. As I was scrolling down the comments on her youtube of the music video, I saw this one.

"She kisses the hammer because it shows she secretly still loves the pain. She is naked to show how Liam destroyed her, she emotionally gets "stripped & naked" meaning she's hurt on the inside. The wrecking ball symbolizes the destructive love. It's just a song about her talking about her love life. -__- just let her express herself."

I think this is one of the best things I have read on the internet.

Monday, 9 September 2013

I Guess I'm Floating

At the moment, I'm really struggling with fitting in. Maybe it's just me, or my weird tendency to say anything that comes to mind. Music isn't exactly a cure, but it just really helps me when I am particularly struggling, overcome with emotions, or stress.

For me having good music, is such an importance. When I show other people my music, I feel like I'm sharing a part of my soul and I hate when they say that they don't like it or something. I have a lot of music, but these are just a couple of my FREAK songs at the moment.

Ltwxrmx (J Dilla's LIghtworks R4MIX) Flying Lotus
Big Spender - Theopilus London & ASAP Rocky
Drake - Practice
Playing House ft. How to dress well - Active Child
I Guess I'm Floating - M83
These Waters - Ben Howard
Her Heart Moves - Two Inch Punch
Another Reflection - Nujabes
Highs & Lows - Logic
Bad Religion - Frank Ocean
Stay - Henry Krinkle
Hazelton - Justin Vernon
Home - Michael Buble
Dakbird - DTCPU
Mr Brightside ( Jacques Lu Cont THIN white duke remix) - Killers
Colours Sketchy Version - Grouplove
Time To Pretend - MGMT
Save Me - Nicki Minaj
Michicant - Bon Iver
Tonight - Lykke LI
National Anthem - Lana Del Rey
The Menace - JOnwayne
Good Morning - Kanye West
Beach Frogs - Kinisi
You Lovely You - Young Wolf Hatchlings
Pop Culture - Madeon (live mashup by a flippin' 15 year old!)
Tinashe - Ryan Hemsworth remix


As I wait for the ferry to come
There's an old man in a trench coat
reading a comic
he looks like a priest
and balding

there is a man playing with two iphones
a girl shielding herself in the wind with an umbrella
so many sunglasses
i'm sitting next to a little girl with blonde ringlets
tapping her little sibling on the head with a balloon
her name is Emily

look at my one my ones purple
her little seashell nails are pearly white
don't give it to Abigail
she says

there are probably so many thoughts
going through all these people's minds
whether its
what time they have to start dinner
what they are going to do with that boy
when does soccer start
is grandma going to get better
why am i so ugly

there is this expression on so many people
i have noticed
they seem to be so deep in thought
or their minds are quiet
or they are sleepy
but their faces are expressionless,
or their brows are furrowed

you don't see the potential in people
the way you notice a piece of clothing
you don't see the struggles they are going through
you don't see so much
people judge because they don't understand

its not someone's fault if they have a crooked nose
or too many freckles

there is a boy on the ferry
and he looks tired
his hands are resting on his lap
and his chest falls up
and down
the silver gleam of the tick of his Nike

Monday, 2 September 2013


My life is a blur at the moment. I feel like as I'm waking up each day, the day is going to go slow but before I know it, its the end of the day, and my eyelids droop. All I can say is to do in life what makes you happy. However cheesy that sounds, but there is no point surrounding yourself with negative people or doing things because you have to do them.

1. One of the things to make you happy and that can uplift your mood when you are having a crappy day is to exercise. Whether it is taking a walk/run on the beach or soccer practice, exercise increases your endorphins and makes you feel good.

2.  I've made a post about this before but one of the best things is to feel gratitude. For example, the school I go to is a private one, and I constantly feel gratitude towards my parents because they put so much time, effort and money into me.


3. Do something you love. The two things I love the most are to cook and horse ride. When you do something you like, it boosts your mood! 

4. Spend time outside. If you are inside all day, on your laptop, your mood actually drops because the lack of interactiveness. Go outside and enjoy the sunshine or even rain! Statistics show that 92% of people that go for a walk outside after they have had a bad day, increases their mood!

Sunday, 1 September 2013


An odd post but as I have posted before about butterflies. Just thought they were very beautiful.