Tuesday, 13 August 2013

What makeup I use

Okay so I have had a few requests of people asking me to tell them what make up I used.
I have to say Mac and Topshop make up is where it is at. Of course there is the Maybelline and Loreal stuff which is not too expensive but here are my recommendations or just the stuff I use.

Looking through my make up bag, I tend to use a lot of brushes. Short, small, long, large ~ basically any type, especially powder brushes. I'm in love with them. Anyway.

Okay so for my base powder, I use a studio fix Mac NC30. This is the only link I can find, which actually doesn't help at all. It really depends on what type of skin tone you are and if you prefer a liquid foundation instead of a powder.

I use a lot of different eyeliners and such but my favourite is Revlon Colour Stay: eyeliner brown. If my eyebrows are being especially moody or I have covered them with too much powder, then this one is really very good for the job.

If you are going for a good red lipstick that stays on for a while, Matte Ruby Woo ac2 is the best one out of Mac lipsticks. Also Topshop lipsticks that are good colours are Rio Rio, which is a nice red, similar to Ruby Woo.
Sartorial is a great Topshop lipstick which is a peachier version but it is still visibly bright.

My last lipstick is a Revlon Living Lipstick and it is Orchid Beach. It's a very bright pink, great for plain outfits if you are looking for something to spice up your outfit.

I am going to do a second blog post about my make up, this one was kinda rushed and not the best.

Ruby Woo lipstick, although it is usually not so shiny and the benefits of it being 'matte' is that it stays on for longer. If you want the shine, then put a clear lipgloss over it, or Lucas Paw Paw.

Small picture I know. I just couldn't find a very big one. In the next post, I am actually going to take pictures and show you what they all look like I guess I am just lazy. Anyway, this one is the pink Orchid Beach.

Thanks all xx

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