Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The little things

A lot of really good things have been happening to me lately. Sometimes I am such an over-analyser, I mean lying in your bed at 1am thinking too hard hurts your brain.

Being grateful is actually a really hard thing. There are so many things that I am so grateful for, things I am too shy to say to that person or group of people. Lately I just realise how lucky I am and feel. I always worry about what is going to happen in the future or passing exams or scared I am going to lose that certain person. But I have realised that being and doing little things unexpected for people, without having to be asked is a big thing. 

Even if it is just telling someone you love them or thank you, a card or email to a friend or teacher, complimenting someone or holding a door open for them. The little things for lots of people go un-noticed but I see them. When someone opens a door for me, or my mum makes my lunch, I get this feeling of gratefulness and how lucky I am. 

Just my thoughts today :)

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