Sunday, 4 August 2013


One of the most uncomfortable feelings. Embarrassment. You know, when you want the ground to just swallow you up? Or when you had a dream about something you did that is so embarrassing and you wake up with relief because it didn't happen.

Speeches are one big example. Getting up to talk about a very awkward and different topic in front of your class, and you stumble across the words just hoping it to be over.
Here are some quick steps to survive any type of public speeches.

If you have some type of weird phobia about public speaking, follow these steps.

1. Plan everything you are going to say. You don't have to know word for word but it is good to have cue cards or some type of plan so you aren't rambling on about a completely different topic.

2. Emphasize your words and keep eye contact with your audience. But don't keep contact with one direct person because if they are your friend or something you will start to laugh or get put off. Basically you can't forget that the audience is still going to be there

3. Volunteer to go first. You don't have to do this because it like might set the wrong 'high/low' status for the rest of the class but then again if you aren't going to go first, try and go at least second or third because then you have gotten it over with.

I hope that some of these tips can help you but also just enjoy it. There is no point completely rushing and ruining your whole point of the speech because then you will get bark marks and be laughed at.

Good luck. xx

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