Sunday, 18 August 2013

30 Facts About Me

1. I am approximately 164 cm.
2. I am fourteen years old.
3. My favourite thing to do in the world is horse ride.
4. I have three siblings.
5. My middle name is Rose but my mum wanted it to be Sunflower and my dad wouldn't let her.
6. I have around 8 piercings. 
7. I am in love with music and I love so many different genres.
8. I have a severe phobia of seeing people brush their teeth, and anything to do with saliva and wrists creeps me out.
9. I've been hit by a car twice. Yes, one was a parked car and I was 7. Got concussion.
10. I'm trying not to bite my nails.
11. My eyes change colour in the summer and winter.
12. I love to write and blog.
13. I have a cat called Fish.
14. I have a small purple birthmark on my thigh.
15. I have an obsession with iPhone cases.
16. I have had more pets than you can imagine. Including rats.
17. I'm running out of facts...
18. I will never sing for you if you ask me to but I will sing naturally around you.
19. I'm really ticklish. Mostly on my feet.
20. I wear socks everywhere. I sleep in them as well and I have about a thousand pairs.
21. I hate feet.
22. My favourite colour is blue.
23. I love to paint even though I'm bad.
24. My favourite series is Harry Potter.
25. I'm in love with youtubers. Don't even get me started.
26. My favourite person and role model in the world is Katy Perry.
27. I never take photo booth selfies. I would rather take them on my iPhone.
28. I pierced all my ears myself.
29. I have a scar on my pinky from getting it stuck in a hole on a pier that was moving up and down and also a really long one on my thigh.
30. There are only about 8 people I trust in the world.

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