Monday, 26 August 2013

Thank you

I just wanted to take the time to clear up to any of you that are reading this, hopefully some. This is a blog for me, and hopefully you guys too. I am not sure ever what to post, I guess it just comes to me. I hope that you lovelies will be able to give me a bit of feedback on how I'm going because I have put my heart and soul into setting this complicated little beauty up. This blog means a lot to me, and I hope you can bear with me because there will be great posts to come! Love you my grand little viewers :~) x

Sunday, 25 August 2013

My Poems

He loved her because of her smile
He loved her because of well she fit into his arms
and the way she kissed each of his collar bones
He loved her for the tinkling of her soft pink laugh 
but mostly he loved her
because she was his

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Little vine

I am sitting and staring at this little vine in the crack of my window. This plant is a subconsious. It doesn't have a plot~line or a plan. It just grows. That is its goal. To not be picked, shrivelled up and dead. I just don't understand how people do so well, how they give do much effort and with creating goals and achieving the.  These people's energy frightens me. 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Reasons to love tumblr

  1.  Tumblr is a unique blogging site where you can reblog photos and it is a cycle of individual photos.
  2. There are the funniest text posts and also some very sweet quotes.
  3. I wish I could get all the photos I liked from tumblr and put them in a massive scrapbook.

Photos like this:

~my tears are becoming a sea~

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Photo shoots

Had a photo shoot on Sunday for Molly's personal project. Here are some silly selfies.

30 Facts About Me

1. I am approximately 164 cm.
2. I am fourteen years old.
3. My favourite thing to do in the world is horse ride.
4. I have three siblings.
5. My middle name is Rose but my mum wanted it to be Sunflower and my dad wouldn't let her.
6. I have around 8 piercings. 
7. I am in love with music and I love so many different genres.
8. I have a severe phobia of seeing people brush their teeth, and anything to do with saliva and wrists creeps me out.
9. I've been hit by a car twice. Yes, one was a parked car and I was 7. Got concussion.
10. I'm trying not to bite my nails.
11. My eyes change colour in the summer and winter.
12. I love to write and blog.
13. I have a cat called Fish.
14. I have a small purple birthmark on my thigh.
15. I have an obsession with iPhone cases.
16. I have had more pets than you can imagine. Including rats.
17. I'm running out of facts...
18. I will never sing for you if you ask me to but I will sing naturally around you.
19. I'm really ticklish. Mostly on my feet.
20. I wear socks everywhere. I sleep in them as well and I have about a thousand pairs.
21. I hate feet.
22. My favourite colour is blue.
23. I love to paint even though I'm bad.
24. My favourite series is Harry Potter.
25. I'm in love with youtubers. Don't even get me started.
26. My favourite person and role model in the world is Katy Perry.
27. I never take photo booth selfies. I would rather take them on my iPhone.
28. I pierced all my ears myself.
29. I have a scar on my pinky from getting it stuck in a hole on a pier that was moving up and down and also a really long one on my thigh.
30. There are only about 8 people I trust in the world.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Introducing me

When you see the title of this blog post, I pray to god you don't think of Nick Jonas' Introducing Me. Even though I do love that song.

Anyway, introducing me... Well I'm a fourteen year old girl w/ a very sassy attitude towards school. My interests include: blogging!! writing, horse riding ( is one of my favourite things to do in the world) spending quality time w/ friends and family - love my family but mainly friends. I love love love to cook, and everyday I get home from school, I'm usually baking something, and the smell always wafts through the house.

I love my tumblr, all the photos that circulate round tumblr are amazing. I love to read, I have grown up reading since I was very young because my mum is actually a poet/writer. There are so many things that I love to do, but naturally I'm quite a lazy person so I never get round to it.

One of my favourite things is to laugh. Seriously, if a guy can get me to laugh - the real kind where your ribs feel sore, I'm smitten. I'm a constant complainer and I talk loads and ask the most questions in the world. I have a feeling my family and teachers and friends zone out when I talk.

I absolutely LOVE chicken soup and quotes. I know it sounds quite random. I have about 300 quotes on my phone, the black and white kind.

Well that's about me. I'll do a 30 facts later on today.

Enjoy your day everyone.

Here are some quotes:

Also this is a photo I completely adore. I took it in Auckland city, when the sun wasn't even shining. It's just so quaint and perfect.

How to find things to blog about

"Indie I didn't know you had a blog! It's so good! I know this is probably a bit of a boring question but I have actually been thinking about starting a blog for a while now and I /seriously/ don't know where to start. Any tips? x"

Hi anon! Thank you, I love things like these. Well honestly, there are loads to blog about. Stay away from the emotional ranting, but a rant is usually good, if it is interesting and on a good topic. Honestly emotional rants sound good to get your feelings out over the internet at the time, but seriously this is not the way to go as ANYTHING you say on via facebook, or any site, they will have it recorded and can use it against you in later life.

 Usually I just write the things that are interesting to me or things that come to my mind or what I'm feeling ( like about school or something like that) see my posts for the relevance I'm talking about.
Here are some ideas:

- cute little recipes, although not too much because people get bored.
- cafe reviews
- exercise
- things you like to do, or interests
- good playlists
- what you did in the weekend
- an exciting event or something you want to share
- a book or movie review 
- a shop you like
- any thoughts that come across you that you feel like sharing - although NOT a rant!

Keep in mind not to make your posts yonks and yonks because people really only want to see something that grabs their eye. Also make your header (post title) a really interesting title, because usually people see that first. 

If there is any more help you want, just send another comment. I'm happy to help :)

indy xx

heres some flowers just for you x x

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Advice #1

"how would i fix a relationship that has been crumbling? i mean we have been going out for about six months and i feel like he is getting bored of me."
-anon comment

My response.

Don't worry, he's not. Once the initial excitement of getting a girlfriend wears off its what all boys do. It doesn't mean his feelings toward you have changed its just he feels as though he has fully 'got you'. It depends what makes you feel like this, if its that he is paying less attention to you, you have got to loosen the reins or do something that gets those sparks flying. Also make most of the time you have together because you never know what could happen.

Sometimes couples break up because they don't feel like it was how it was before. You need to do something that will spark it again. Because if you both love each other, then it is worth fighting for truly. All that it is is boredom.

(Lizzie helped me with this advice)

Ps~ this is perfect.

Advice to you

Hi all,

Obviously not many of you are going to see this, but hopefully I get one or two I can help with advice!
Just post an anon comment here and then I will reply with a post or you can message me at

cheers yo x x

What makeup I use

Okay so I have had a few requests of people asking me to tell them what make up I used.
I have to say Mac and Topshop make up is where it is at. Of course there is the Maybelline and Loreal stuff which is not too expensive but here are my recommendations or just the stuff I use.

Looking through my make up bag, I tend to use a lot of brushes. Short, small, long, large ~ basically any type, especially powder brushes. I'm in love with them. Anyway.

Okay so for my base powder, I use a studio fix Mac NC30. This is the only link I can find, which actually doesn't help at all. It really depends on what type of skin tone you are and if you prefer a liquid foundation instead of a powder.

I use a lot of different eyeliners and such but my favourite is Revlon Colour Stay: eyeliner brown. If my eyebrows are being especially moody or I have covered them with too much powder, then this one is really very good for the job.

If you are going for a good red lipstick that stays on for a while, Matte Ruby Woo ac2 is the best one out of Mac lipsticks. Also Topshop lipsticks that are good colours are Rio Rio, which is a nice red, similar to Ruby Woo.
Sartorial is a great Topshop lipstick which is a peachier version but it is still visibly bright.

My last lipstick is a Revlon Living Lipstick and it is Orchid Beach. It's a very bright pink, great for plain outfits if you are looking for something to spice up your outfit.

I am going to do a second blog post about my make up, this one was kinda rushed and not the best.

Ruby Woo lipstick, although it is usually not so shiny and the benefits of it being 'matte' is that it stays on for longer. If you want the shine, then put a clear lipgloss over it, or Lucas Paw Paw.

Small picture I know. I just couldn't find a very big one. In the next post, I am actually going to take pictures and show you what they all look like I guess I am just lazy. Anyway, this one is the pink Orchid Beach.

Thanks all xx

The little things

A lot of really good things have been happening to me lately. Sometimes I am such an over-analyser, I mean lying in your bed at 1am thinking too hard hurts your brain.

Being grateful is actually a really hard thing. There are so many things that I am so grateful for, things I am too shy to say to that person or group of people. Lately I just realise how lucky I am and feel. I always worry about what is going to happen in the future or passing exams or scared I am going to lose that certain person. But I have realised that being and doing little things unexpected for people, without having to be asked is a big thing. 

Even if it is just telling someone you love them or thank you, a card or email to a friend or teacher, complimenting someone or holding a door open for them. The little things for lots of people go un-noticed but I see them. When someone opens a door for me, or my mum makes my lunch, I get this feeling of gratefulness and how lucky I am. 

Just my thoughts today :)

Monday, 5 August 2013

Favourite Youtubers/bloggers

I love watching funny youtube videos. Hopefully my dad doesn't hate me because it seems to use up a bit of wifi...

Good english youtubers:

Joe Sugg
Caspar Lee
Jack and Finn Harries
Carrie Fletcher

Amazing American bloggers/youtubers:

Jenna Marbles
Perez says (perez hilton)

Sunday, 4 August 2013


One of the most uncomfortable feelings. Embarrassment. You know, when you want the ground to just swallow you up? Or when you had a dream about something you did that is so embarrassing and you wake up with relief because it didn't happen.

Speeches are one big example. Getting up to talk about a very awkward and different topic in front of your class, and you stumble across the words just hoping it to be over.
Here are some quick steps to survive any type of public speeches.

If you have some type of weird phobia about public speaking, follow these steps.

1. Plan everything you are going to say. You don't have to know word for word but it is good to have cue cards or some type of plan so you aren't rambling on about a completely different topic.

2. Emphasize your words and keep eye contact with your audience. But don't keep contact with one direct person because if they are your friend or something you will start to laugh or get put off. Basically you can't forget that the audience is still going to be there

3. Volunteer to go first. You don't have to do this because it like might set the wrong 'high/low' status for the rest of the class but then again if you aren't going to go first, try and go at least second or third because then you have gotten it over with.

I hope that some of these tips can help you but also just enjoy it. There is no point completely rushing and ruining your whole point of the speech because then you will get bark marks and be laughed at.

Good luck. xx

My Weekend

I know I should be going to bed now because its 11 pm on a school night and I can't seem to want to. I get this kind of buzz but then it hits me hard in the morning.
Anyway, here are a couple of snaps that I rushily took while I was in the city with friends and then the next day Mama.

I don't know what I want this blog to be like. I really want it to be different and for people to actually want to read it but its basically just for me because I enjoy it.

Here's me putting a little smile for my phone and Jam taking it! I love the Ted Baker logo and of course the hanging gardens!

I can't describe how amazing I think this is. Auckland City - there are so many aspects about it, so many places I just want to go to, in spurs of the moments with people and things to do and see there. I know it doesn't fit the pop culture status quo of NYC but to me Auckland is home and its pretty damn amazing.

This is a little artistic spot by the fountain going along Queen St - I think. Its by the art gallery and everyone goes there for a smoke, the tourists and everybody but I just find it so beautiful!

This says all. My mum says to me that these buildings used to have names one hundred years ago and now there are just all these random buildings everyone that no one has names for. Its kind of sad!

I love the lights in this picture!

My mum didn't know this was being taken.

I like to look right up and look into these windows like they do on the Great Gatsby. There is so much action in each window - you just have to look up.

I'm scared this isn't going to post. Oh well. Anyway, I should sleep now because 6 hours isn't really the best. Good night to anyone who is reading. xx