Saturday, 20 July 2013

What to do on one of those boring days

It is a wintery day and I'm sitting here pretty bored. So in order for you guys not to feel like this, I decided to make a post about what to do on a boring day. I'm sure all of you have those days where every friend seems to be not picking up their phone, they have gone away or you just can't think of anything to do! Trust me, I get this probably more than anyone. It comes from not being able to decide what to do.

Some simple and easy options are:

- Be nostalgic and explore memory lane: break out your old childhood memories, looking through photo albums and watching reruns of your favourite old shows. Dig up your old clothes and toys. Make a memory box of special parts of your childhood, whether it is the shoe of your oldest barbie, or your first tooth. Later on in life you can rifle through this and specific memories will come with this. Its a heap of fun.

- Creating a garden. Now, depending on how the weather is and if mum doesn't want you digging up her begonias, try and find a little section of the garden you can call your own. Maybe if this isn't an option, you could try getting a few pots and some soil and growing from scratch. I have heaps of plants in my room and around the house, some of them started from leaves/flowers I picked off of bushes because I liked the way they looked - and how they flourished. Sometimes it is good to bring out the mother nature side of you and don't be afraid to get your hands a little bit dirty.

- Making a scrapbook. Sometimes this can be a hard one, depending on what you want it to be for, but once you have decided what you want to scrapbook about, go for it! Collect things to do with your idea; cut outs from magazines, photos, ticket stubs from concerts, old sweet wrappers, anything to get your scrapbook growing with memories or ideas. Ideas can vary and your scrapbook can be a travel diary or a scrapbook about your favourite celeb, its just important to get some ideas about what you want to put in! Its great looking back at these years later and all these memories flooding back to you.

Hope you enjoy these ideas and there will be more posts coming. Thank you if you are reading this :)

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