Wednesday, 24 July 2013

My favourite movies/actors from 1980s-1990s

Lately, feeling quite nostalgic of the 1980's era, I have been cramming full with movies from this particular time.

I was watching this movie named Mannequin til 5am this morning and therefore only having 3 hours of sleep, it proves being worth to watch. Here is the trailer.  Just click on the 'here' part. This movie is about this beautiful mannequin comes to life, an a naiive sculptor, struggling to find a good job falls in love with her. Top notch, seriously.
I guess I shouldn't be crushing on young Andrew McCarthy but I have just been falling in love more and more with each of this movies...

I guess you have to see him in action, but what do they say? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - in plain english: there is no particular definition of beautiful; to each his own.

One of the movies I could watch over and over and over is Dirty Dancing - especially since it has Patrick Swayze in it. I love the relationship that Johnny and Baby have between them. 

It's such a beautiful thing and also the dance scenes. Check out this scene in particular.

Another amazing movie is called Pretty in Pink. I'm not going to on and on about what it is about so here is a wikipedia link. I make emphasis on the 'here' part. One of my favourite characters in P&P is Molly Ringwald. The spunk shining from her in Pretty and Pink is perfection - an only child looking after her alcoholic father and also having to deal with the basic crap thrown at her with school life, balancing a steamy and complicated love life - Blane ( Andrew McCarthy!) She's also a main character in The Breakfast Club - another legendary film.

I'm moving more onto characters from movies I love now but one that just has to be mentioned is Judd Nelson from The Breakfast Club. He is the classic bad boy that comes from a rocky background and doesn't seem to care what anybody thinks.

I don't want to make this post too long so some other beautiful actors are:
 Robert Downey Junior - he's in a lot of movies just click here for them

Another one is Heath Ledger - especially from 10 Things I hate about You. I'd love anyone to lean on a locker and look at me like that. Rip beautiful.

Last one is Joseph Gordon Levine. He's more of a recent actor but 500 Days of Summer is quite the tear jerker - and he also does star in 10 Things I Hate About You alongside Ledger.

Bucket list for old movies:
- Breakfast at Tiffanys
- Mannequin
- 10 Things I hate About You
- The Breakfast Club
- Sixteen Candles
- Less Than Zero
- Ferris Bueler's Day Off
- Back To The Future
- Weekend At Bernies
- Dirty Dancing

For more great 80's movies - click here!