Sunday, 28 July 2013

Going back to school

I have to admit going back to school is one of the most annoying and hard things when you have had a relaxed holiday full of sleep-ins. Going from waking up at say midday to wrenching yourself out of bed at 6.30 - honestly sucks.
I think the whole thing of getting used to holidays, catching up with friends - downtime or whatever you people do in your holidays has a horrible feeling of when you are getting used to the holidays and then they end.

One of the most positive things you can think about when you are battling through the school term/semester is that working hard for a certain period of time makes your holiday more rewarding. If you have mucked around for most of the course of the year, and you are scraping by with your grades and exams, do you really feel like you deserve an all expenses paid trip to Fiji with your family? Sometimes you have to just suck up the hard times and work through it because before you know it, school will be over and you will be off to college.

Honestly, school isn't just about popularity and trying to fit in with the in crowd. As hard as it is not being liked by the boy you have a crush on, or being accepted by that crowd - or even whatever your situation is, none of that is going to matter when you are at university. Seriously if all they are doing is worrying about how they look or striving for this certain role in high school, where does that get you in later life. Sure they might have the perfect characteristics to weasel their way into their jobs but if you don't have good qualifications or haven't done very well at school, charm and manipulation is not going to stretch for a full time career.

School, however torturous and unfair is just about getting you educated in life for your future, its not a method of torture. There can be hard ships at any school, and if you're feeling down in the dumps don't single yourself out and remember that there are many others feeling this way. Besides, you can do whatever you want to in the weekends and you have time to rest. Even if the lessons that your teacher is teaching are pointless and a waste of time, take it into your own hands to get motivated.

School doesn't last forever. However boring or whatever feeling you have to do with it, just try and 'grin and bear it' for the last few years.

Excuses are for people who don't want it badly enough. If you want a good job, or a good future, stick it out and I promise something will come from it.

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