Monday, 23 December 2013

Indy's Advice

Let's try something new? Honesty hour. Send me a quick email and I will decide whether to put the response on my blog or message you back privately. Send anything; questions, requests, someone seeking advice/just wants to talk. GO! x

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Being 15

When I was younger, I didn't know getting to this stage of my life ~ would make a milestone. When you get to a certain age, you realise that some things are important to you that adults and teachers would not realise. I would say that, looking at myself from 6 months ago, towards the start of the year, things have changed ALOT. 

The change & growth of a 15 year old requires mistakes. That's who you become, that's how you learn from your mistakes. For me, I can be quite a narcissistic and stressful person. I cause my parents grief when they don't need it. But with some aspects, they don't understand how I go about things. 

Getting back to the selected freedom thing. One of the hardest and most mind boggling things of being this age, are the emotions. Sometimes I cry my eyes out, sobbing to the point where I am gasping for air ` with little things such as a missed plan or things gone awry; amiss. Naturally, I'm a very dramatic person. But I wanted to say one thing. You are not alone. If you are reading this, tears screaming down your face, and you're shaking back and forth, you're okay. Some things are milestones. You have to get over them and feel better. There's nothing else to it. You are having a bad day, not a bad life. Each day is different and brings something new - it's your mindset & therefore a choice of choices. 

Thursday, 19 December 2013

People Watching

I'm sitting in Britomart enjoying the view. This is by far my favourite place in my city. The sun is beaming down on me and I'm sitting on a little pavement stool just looking at all the people enjoying themselves including the ones that are alone.

A boy sits across from the grass, with his headphones in and a top that bears the words 'Daft Punk.' A girl with a small toddler asleep in her lap - odd because at that age toddlers make so much unbearable noise. Across the pavement road there is a tree with a park for red Vespas. I see it everyday. It's the same but enchanting ... and minimalistic.

I love seeing the smiles of others as they happily chat in the sun, sometimes I feel restricted to be alone when I'm in the city. People look at you like you're a loner, or that is what they think you will do. I don't know any of these people although it's just interesting looking at everyone. People watching. Ferry time now.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Exclusion | Finding Yourself

I haven't updated in a while. I've had a lot on my mind in these past couple of weeks, waiting for the drone out of school to fade away so that I could enjoy the bliss of the summer and the warmth on my back. Things have been chopping and changing, smells and feelings, colours and company. The-coming-of-age is back on my mind. The age where you start to become aware of your surroundings and the way you have to dress without being judged, to get invited to all the drop kick parties that you thought you should be at. Where you start to do things and buy things with money you don't have to impress people you don't like. School, unlike when you were 9 and could invent flames through the colourless day are now gone.

One of the harshest things in the days of becoming an age where you are trying to find your true self, becoming a monarch butterfly that is awkwardly trying to fit into its new pair of wings. Exclusion. This is one of the cruellest things to have to face alone. The people you thought were your friends can suddenly start to exclude you from their plans, parties, and life as you know it. Just because of one minor detail; your race, something stupid you didn't mean to do ~ the list goes on. People out of the blue, people you didn't even expect knew you, can suddenly decide to not like you because of your characteristics. People aren't checklists. You can't design a friend or try and get them to be exactly the way you want them to be. It's hard to accept that you're different from the rest of them. Why be the follower when you obviously know that you can do something different, you can find yourself and express your true colours.

Don't you ever dare hide who you are. However hard, and painful this may be you will be okay. It's easier said than done - but however many years, months, or days it strives to find yourself, or just feel like you are finally fititng in, there is no point lying to yourself and others about what you are truly like. Find the weird people that you can be yourself around. That's one of the most important things. I am so blessed to have the loving people in my life that I can truly lay my feelings and problems and weird little quirks on. Keziah, Coco, Livy, Helena, MILLY, Ems, Ella. And all the others in my life. I strive to be who I am, and I would rather be hated for someone I am then loved for someone I Am Not.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Questions and Answers

Hi everyone!

So on my twitter, I asked my followers to ask me questions about me, so I could answer them. Here goes!

My favourite food is and will always be chicken soup. There's a special way my mum makes it that I just die for. I will not normally eat other people's.

When I'm looking on tumblr, I get this awful wanderlust feeling of that I just need to get out and go to those picturesque places. Some of the places I really want to visit are: Santorini and Mykonos - Greek Islands, Paris more than anything, New York for the urban Carrie Diaries vibe, and randomly Massachusetts!

Oh god. I can't even answer this without laughing. When I was about 13, I went through this stage of cringey half tops and nerd glassses that I thought looked cool. Ugh.

I have quite a few favourite books, including the Harry Potter series, Apollo by William Shakespeare, Summer sisters by Judy Bloom. I'm an avid reader and it's hard to label what books I love. 

In response to the first question, I'm into sooooo many artists and genres of music. At the moment, here are some songs I have been listening to.

ProleteR - Muhammad Ali
Blood on the Leaves - Kanye West
Runnin' - David Dallas
Jaymes Young - One Last Time
Sia - Elastic Heart
Cody Simpson - Summertime of Our Lives
Mac Miller - The Star Room
Drake - Headlines
Work - Iggy Azalea
Monster - Kanye West ft. Nicki Minaj
Jason Derulo - Vertigo
Ed Sheeran - I See Fire

Just a little taste.

I created a blog for a personal project at school, and as I found my style of how I could express myself, I found that this was the best and most enjoyable way. Blogs such as frshmilk and katherineisawesome, and zoella's blog, really inspired me.

I love love love to horse ride, do late night outings - for my blog, go to the museum, and have little exploring days with my best friend. I literally have only been hanging out with so many people this couple of months, but I always make time for the friends that matter the most. 

This is a hard question! I have always wanted to be a writer, I have been passionate ever since I was about four. I grew up with a very beautiful writer in the family, a successful poet - my mum, and I wanted to depict the way she saw the world into my own way.

Uhh, New Zealand is very safe! It's not all sheep and all that crap, because I live in a more modern and suburban area with equal fields and trees but skyscrapers too. Places like America and New York, and wherever my sister goes, that feels very different to where I'm from. I only see all this stuff from movies. New Z is very clean. I mean, sure there are parts that aren't at all clean but it's just nicer. And safe. Glad I have had a steady upbringing here. But ready to live overseas in my college years.

Blue. Although I don't really wear it all that much.

Thank you everyone for your lovely questions, I have about forty more but I'm going to stop there! Love you all, and catch you chickies soon

                                                          Indy x

Friday, 6 December 2013

Picture Perfect

I've been trying to look at the little things in my life lately. I'm writing this post as the sun shines and the pool outside is so perfect and rippling blue. The purple hues of the flower on my bench and my brothers constructed little black lego truck stand out. The sky is a flutter blue and all the flowers outside scream of all the different colours I see. Translucent glass on the balcony, mahogany on the deck.

Words in newspapers: stargazing, thursday entertainment, life. And this little quote from Robbie Williams: "There's space for me in the world to do whatever I want to, whenever I want to, and I don't get any grief." 

I don't really know the point of this post I guess I just have been trying to look harder at the things I see everyday. As usual, here are some images that I think are pretty and beautiful on the eye, but also they are just little joys in life.

i don't really know, it just get's your mind thinking about that special person.

random statue in motion.



i like this tattoo, i wouldn't get it but i think it's quite lovely.

going on a road trip, for days on end with your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, mum, or anyone that you would want to spend some quality time alone with. 

this picture says it all.

i like this cute little plant GIF.

This is my phone wallpaper, I love the creeping ivy.

NEED this necklace.

Countries all done onto her wrist, again I like the aspect of a small tattoo.

I feel like her name would be Savannah.

Perfect polaroid - I don't know who someone takes something like this.

I really wish I had long nails and these rings.

This is a great little tattoo.

Crescent moon idea I love!

My hair when I was lying down in this drama room at school, my hair looks like splayed out straw. My natural colour!

Me at the museum, pointing to my country, India.

punny and sweet.


this is a powerful eye tattoo and i love it

a not-meant-to-be-there photo that my best friend took, i love it.

One of the places where I crave to be, but how can I recreate such a memory like this?

little sausage dog - oh yeah.

Sorry for the randomness - I just didn't know what y'all wanted! I just think these pictures are glorious on their own.

For now, little birds xxxx

                                                             Indy x

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wild Wednesday Night

Things have been different for me lately. My fifteenth birthday, which was on the 12th of November approached me and suddenly I was being thrust all these responsibilities and problems upon me, but the best part of all - selected freedom.

It's weird that half my family are across the world. I know we will all be together soon but it just shows how things can change in the blink of an eye. In the past year or so, a lot has changed for me but I have adapted well, you could say. Getting back to the subject of selected freedom, in my view it is when parents thrust random trust on you, and decide you are allowed to do something, go somewhere, be with someone, change your curfew. For me it's never permanent, my parents view on things change all the time but I'm very grateful to have parents that are fair, just and I can barter decisions and choices with.

I went to the Stan Walker/Jessica Mauboy concert, on a school night, which for me was pretty whack. My friend Ellie and I sat in a coffee shop for the best of two hours because Stan was finished. Freedom seeps through my being and sometimes I need to just get out and do things the way I can, breathe and someday know that I can live my own life. You have to remember that even if you have overprotective parents, it is because they love you and their view on you doing things they don't like and why they stop you, is just to protect you because they wouldn't want anything to happen to you.

I feel like Carrie Bradshaw, from the Carrie Diaries. She has this selected freedom, when her dad sees fit, and sometimes things change for her. I guess you can't spring a plan of say what you want to do in the weekend on them because then they will spit out a sharp NO.

You'll be free someday to make all your own choices, trust your parents, even though they aren't always right, they know what they are doing and they love you. Embrace what you have.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Weekend | Adventures at the Museum

When the weekend comes around for me each Friday, I get that normality of that ecstatic little buzz you get when school is finally over. In my weekend, I normally just visit friends, go for lunch/movie depending on the poor weather, stay at home and watch vampire diaries, horse ride, spend time with my family, or visit my city. As I spent the whole weekend with my best friend Keziah, being broke and all, we wanted to spend a day that didn't involve as much money as we would normally have spent.

Alarm bells started going off in my head - bowling? beach? movies? MUSEUM. 

My adventure began.
Here is a photo of me and my best friend Keziah. 

This is a lemony avocado bagel with olive, pepper and kraut that I bought from Little Bird in Ponsonby. 

Pinned butterflies named "Papillo Blumei Blumei Sulawesi"

A Greek sculpture from the Ancient Greek Worlds section in the museum. 

A cascade of lights that I took in motion because I liked and I tried oh~so~hard to reincarnate the original tumblr theme photo. 

Front row Taylor Swift mosh pit tickets. Goddess. I was pretty guttered that my little brother got to meet her with my mum and sister but I didn't. Ugh. Although I got some pretty amazing tickets, I was right up at the closest part of the stage you could get. 

This lion made me feel sad. The taxidermist would have felt sadness because the lion looks so upset.

Stained glass remembrance of soldiers that fought in both world wars. 

Now this one makes me think. There is this quote that I can't actually get off my phone but it was a quote on the walls of the Fallen, and on the walls there were thousands of names. 
The quote reads:


Birds eye view of the museum. Reminds me of something from Mount Olympus. 

Map of the world that I thought was beautiful. This map reminds me that there are so many things out there that I haven't seen and experienced and so many places and people and memories I urge to live.

Stay humble,
 Indy x

Sunday, 17 November 2013


Inhale all my thoughts and worries. Exhale all my worries out.

For me, well I have a particular view on life. Everything that happens to me, I like to look closer at it. Not in the aspect that everything is good or bad, because that would become melancholy and you would lead yourself onto a tangent. 

What I mean is: looking at something closer that you see everyday, maybe a person or an object or a place. There's way more to it than what you're used to. I was looking in my lunchbox, sighing because of all the healthy fruit and rolls and nuts and stuff like that. Feeling in a slightly weirder mood than normal, I broke the skin of my kiwi fruit and looked at the texture of it.  My point is, that if you look closer at something you discover more than you could ever possibly imagine. Look at your best friend, sister or brother. How are they feeling today? What does their body language show?

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Birthdays are a funny thing. You grow one year older, and it's official in the space of one day. Age says so. You've grown up and there's nothing you can do about it. I faintly remember lyrics from a song saying, 'Time is such a hungry beast, it swallows all my memories, it makes all smells and colours fade and it takes the ones I love away." These words stuck with me because it's true.

A lot of things pass me by. School, friends, family, opportunities. Some of the time I'm the one sitting at the sidelines thinking that it will come back. And then it doesn't. That's why it is best to grab your opportunities while you can.

I was surrounded by a lot of love on my birthday. Some of my closest friends came round to my house and brought with them all sorts of cakes and presents. It makes me really value people that I spend a lot of time with generally, at school with, at home, or just any time at all. To be honest, I had a plan about what to say but I'm now just writing from my mind. I don't know if that's what you guys want, I never know what to post about. On the funnier note, the best birthday present I have ever gotten which was yesterday was a present from my family: a revolving, lit up fish tank filled with fish. I named the fish DiCaprio, Sebastian, Abraham and Madame NuNu (after my most fabulous teacher)

Indy x